Access to binders and facilities

As well as distribution within the consortium, binders produced within the project will be made freely available to non-consortium users engaged in academic basic research. Full information on the specificity, characterisation and application potential of the binders will be entered into the project web-based binder databases (see Resources), which will provide public access to reagent repositories. To improve on the state of the art of provision of validated binders, AFFINOMICS partners will also offer practical solutions to the affinity reagent-related needs commonly encountered by researchers for: expression and purification of target proteins or peptides as antigens; selection and production of the target-specific affinity reagents; binder QC, validation and characterisation; and incorporation of the reagents into application-specific tools and assay formats. The activities will include training courses (WP9) and, by arrangement, ‘hands-on’ visits to individual partner facilities for technical instruction.