Lund University

The Lund Strategic Center for Translational Clinical Cancer Research, CREATE Health, Director Professor Carl Borrebaeck, comprises PIs from Faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Natural Sciences (70 staff). It focuses on cancer biomarker discovery, using state-of-the-art technologies in proteomics, genomics, nanobiotechnology and bioinformatics. The facility offers all aspects of recombinant antibody production by phage display and microarray fabrication with the latest equipment, such as high speed spotting (Scienion sciFLEXARRAYER S11).
The Centre has extensive experience and knowledge in recombinant antibodies and antibody capture array technologies. Prof. Borrebaeck has been involved in immunotechnology for 25 years and was the first to describe PCR cloning of human V-regions in 1988. His work in design of human antibody libraries paved the way for therapeutic antibodies against infectious disease and cancer, now entering phaseI/II trials. He has also run a BioArray Program over the last eight years, focussing on antibody microarrays and design of scFv antibody fragments for oncoproteomic applications. Several studies on cancer biomarker have been performed and two have been taken into the validation stage for further implementation into the clinic.
Role in AFFINOMICS: CREATE Health provides its human recombinant scFv antibody phage display library for high throughput binder selections (WP2,4) and high density antibody microarrays with recombinant scFv binders (WP5,6). In WP4 they develop multiplexing for parallel selection against ultimately 100’s of antigens during a single unit operation.  In WP5,6 they evaluate sets of binders in state-of-the-art capture arrays to determine expression of cancer related biomarker proteins in plasma and tissue extracts.