European Bioinformatics Institute

The EBI provides key database resources for molecular biology, among them the EMBL nucleotide sequence database, UniProt, the world’s foremost protein knowledge resource, and the InterPro database of protein domains and families. The EBI provides access to more than 200 public biological databases through general purpose search platforms as well as specialised warehouses. The institute services are requested globally by 10,000 unique hosts that generate, on average, 200,000 page impressions daily.
Henning Hermjakob manages the Proteomics Services Team at EBI, part of the Protein and Nucleic Acids Database group led by Rolf Apweiler and Ewan Birney. He has extensive experience in the development and implementation of standards for high throughput data management in molecular biology. As co-founder and chair of the HUPO Proteomics Standards Initiative (PSI), he has steered the development of the now widely accepted PSI MI standard for molecular interactions. His team operates the IntAct molecular interaction database (, the PRIDE protein identification database (, and the Reactome database of curated human pathways ( in collaboration with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories. They are responsible for development of the data integration architecture for two current EU projects, BioSapiens and Enfin, and contribute in the same role to the Apo-Sys and LipidomicNet EU projects. In ProteomeBinders, his team has developed the PSI-PAR standard for representation of data on protein binders, their production and application. As senior editor of PROTEOMICS, he contributes to the development of best practice in the dissemination of research results based on complex modern experimental technologies.
Role in AFFINOMICS:  In WP7, EBI adapts the IntAct molecular interaction database for the capture of AFFINOMICS functional proteomics results, and centrally collects and disseminates them. EBI partners with KTH in developing the bioinformatics framework for web-based services to allow users and producers full access to all aspects of AFFINOMICS data.