Technical University of Braunschweig

The competencies of the Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology include improvement of phage display systems and libraries, in particular in respect of high throughput, development of novel antibody fusion proteins (protein engineering), exploiting different organisms for recombinant antibody production, and using intrabodies for gene function knock down.
TUBS is, initiator and coordinator of the Antibody Factory, a systematic method platform funded by the German National Genome Research Network to develop in vitro technologies for fast, cost-efficient selection of recombinant antibodies from phage display libraries for application in proteome research. This competence was recently demonstrated by the production of recombinant binders to 20 SH2 domains provided by Partner 13 SGC. Binders to all domains were generated and provided in purified form within three months to the QC/validation partners who found that the scFv fragments performed well on microarray experiments. Further, the intracellular use of scFv fragments for functional knock-downs was demonstrated, as well as various examples for specificity and affinity tuning of existing binders. Consequently, a complementary line has been built up on the in depth analysis of antibody-antigen interactions. In addition to all standard assays, the group uses Biacore, FACS (2 laser BC Cytomics 500) and fluorescence/confocal microscopy, in particular in two complementary cell biology programs aiming to use antibodies for novel approaches in neurobiology and cellular immunology research.
Role in AFFINOMICS: TUBS will be responsible primarily for running a high throughput phage display pipeline in WP2 and for improving it in WP4 for production of single chain antibody fragments (scFv) for distribution to the consortium.