WP5: New tools and applications for characterisation of binders, proteins and biomarkers

New technologies for epitope mapping based on bacterial display (KTH) and peptide microarrays (DKFZ), and proteome-wide screening on novel in situ protein arrays (BBT, DKFZ), will be established. New and improved tools will be developed for analysis of proteins based on principles of high throughput, multiplexed affinity analysis, including antibody arrays in planar or suspension bead formats (KTH, ULUND), nano-structured devices (BBT, UNIKASSEL) and lysate arrays (VTT). They will be used to compare fluids and tissues from healthy and diseased individuals and in biomarker discovery/validation. Methods based on DNA amplification, e.g. single-molecule detection in situ using antibody proximity probes (UU), will be developed further for ultrasensitive specific analysis of proteins in biosamples The tools and technologies developed during WP5 will strengthen the binder characterisation in WP3 and advanced applications in WP6.