WP8: Scientific coordination

The aim of this WP is to provide effective overall coordination of all aspects of the research and technological development activities of the project, in particular monitoring progress in the pipeline in which target and binder generation and evaluation tasks are distributed to different partners in WP 1-4. Oversight will be the responsibility of a core coordination committee, chaired by the project scientific coordinator and comprising coordinators of the different WPs. Smaller groups of partners in each WP will provide updates to the core group. A web based communication system restricted to consortium members will be established to provide a LIMS-like common data repository for materials supplied and demanded within the consortium. The coordination committee will hold frequent and regular meetings and phone conferences, to track progress against deliverables and refine the workplan in the light of day-to-day running of the project. A particular concern will be to ensure avoidance of overlap or duplication with the targets of other binder-generation projects and optimal use of resources. As well as the immediate oversight of the project, they will also carry out longer term planning of the future of the resource.