Project Kickoff Meeting

The AFFINOMICS kick-off meeting was held at the Moller Centre, Cambridge on May 17th 2010, chaired by Mike Taussig (BBT). The meeting was divided into a series of 15 ten-minute presentations by the PIs representing all partners, and in the afternoon by an open general discussion on the planning of year 1 activities. The afternoon discussion was structured around a number of key issues, including
How the pipeline should (and should not) be done

  • Experience of organisation of pipeline projects, including Human Proteome Resource and AffinityProteome
  • Identification and prioritisation of protein targets, avoiding duplications
  • Distribution of target production between Oxford, Stockholm and Copenhagen centres.
  • Assuring target relevance Target format and design, including biotinylation and tags
  • Protein production, clones, expression methods, purification
  • Peptides and PREsts as antigens Binder types and production methods
  • Binder characterisation and quality control
  • Web-based coordination and tracking of the project
  • Data integration


Presentations given during the meeting: