Ligand Binders against the Human Proteome

5th ESF/Affinomics Workshop on Affinity Proteomics
Alpbach, Austria, 14-16 March 2011

Antibodies and other affinity binders are among the most powerful analytical tools for life sciences research, diagnostics and increasingly therapeutics for cancer and autoimmune disease. Affinity proteomics seeks to use them to analyse proteomes using collections of specific binding reagents. While the most familiar affinity reagents are the classical antibodies and their fragments, there are also alternative engineered forms of novel protein scaffolds and nucleic acid aptamers with similar diversity and binding properties. A binder collection must be accompanied by development of high-throughput assay systems and look towards applications in functional analysis, diagnostics and therapeutics. Results achieved through affinity proteomics technologies will have a strong impact on the biomedical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. This meeting, organised by the AFFINOMICS consortium, was the 5th in a series of workshops previously held in Cambridge 2004, Uppsala 2005 and Alpbach 2007 and 2009. It reviewed methods for generation and quality control for binding reagents and applications in high-throughput proteomics. Contributions from the meeting were published in a special issue on Affinity Proteomics in New Biotechnology, prefaced by an editorial on international collaborations in the field.

Download meeting booklet here.

Main Organisers: Mike Taussig and Cheryl Smythe, Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge, UK

Venue: The meeting was held in the Congress Centre in the alpine village of Alpbach in the Austrian Tyrol.

Speakers: Andrew Bradbury (Los Alamos), Andreas Plückthun (Zürich), Doron Gerber (Tel Aviv), Mathias Uhlén (Stockholm), Lukas Huber (Innsbruck), Larry Gold (Boulder), Bernhard Kuster (Munich), John McCafferty (Cambridge), Pierre Legrain (Paris), Gianni Cesareni (Rome), Olli Kallioniemi (Helsinki), Ulf Landegren (Uppsala), Mike Taussig (Cambridge), Walter Schubert (Magdeburg), Klaus Lindpaintner (Newark), Mike Romanos (Cambridge)